can someone give me step by step instructions on how to burn a cd

    please can you tell me easy followed instructions on how to burn a cd so i can copy all my cd,s so i can leave them in the car and have my originals safe in the house !!!


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    jazex;1484819 audio, and: data.Hope that helps :thumbsup:

    great stuff !!!! rep added thanx

    You can get lots of free software that you can use. Trial versions of "better" software Nero etc. ( or use something like piratebay and get the full programs,usually cracked versions,or with cd key etc.
    I use Roxio easy cd creator. If you have 2 drives in your computer you basically put the disk you want to copy in to one,and a blank cd in to the other. Most programs are set up so you can just click "copy cd" and that will be it. You might need to click what type of disk,data,music etc. If so,just click on "music cd" not mp3,as if you have an older cd player in your car,it might not play mp3's so choose to make it a "music cd" I think the format is WMA,but it will probably say, "music cd" or mp3 disk


    For best results, douse with flammable liquid before lighting with flaming object/material.

    Don't forget to get good quality CDs otherwise yo will ruin loads before you get a good copy.

    Also the slower the burn the less likely it will become a coaster

    clone dvd and clone cd work well for me, dont forget anydvd too to enable copying using any program
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