Can someone give me the Orange 2 for 1 code please

    Rep will be given



    why not get a FREE orange sim card and get yourself one instead of costing other people money

    i dont have a code to share with you sorry

    but for anyone who checks this

    did you all know that you only need the code for unlimited people to use?

    i occasionally just sweet talk the people on the tills into using the last persons code again.

    if your not in the mood for sweet talking

    just bitch about your 2for1 code not coming through yet and you've sent it a few times today

    just a heads up


    PM sent

    So, if I have one code...can I use it again for another film on the same day? I always thought you needed a new code for each film (sometimes I'm really sad and see two or three on a day off).

    And if I post the code does that mean anyone can use it?


    and if it all goes wrong i'll take all the blame!

    *i'd use the code myself probably! depends if i get off my **** later hehe*

    when I use my Orange 2for1 the cinema always input the number into the how can you use it unlimited ????
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