Found 18th Dec 2006
Im going to buy Lost on DVD for my girlfriend - ive got this one:…on2

I was wondering first is it definetly english throughout, because there are two different series 1, one priced 34 or something, and then this one.
I've gone through some threads via search and found someone talking about it, but no actual answer

also, im buying on CDWOW, i can only get it down £1 to £24.99 which suits me, but to get this £1 off i have to go to a certain link - is there anyway of still getting your quidco cashback with these type of discount links??

thanks very much

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can nobody help?

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Emma, i was wondering the second part of the question more??


can nobody help?

Audio: English - Dolby Digital 5.1& Region: 2 I watched the first series of Lost from my friends French DVD boxet, the only difference was the writing on the box Sorry I accidentally clicked edit on your above post instead of the quote button...

Did it not explain the quidco thing in Gary_rip's special CDWow thread?

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sorry where is that, i didnt see that on search

Sorry, that info was removed due to abuse of the codes etc.

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yeah, thats what i thought

so there is no way of using Quidco with redirected vouchers?

Fader - I've got this version, it's English throughout :santa:

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thank u sintass - where did you buy? online? price?

I used CD WOW to get this and battlestar galactica season 1 and 2
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