Can someone help me choose a new TV please?


    Just after some advice on a new TV purchase. I'm after a 37" - 42" LCD or Plasma with budget of up to £700. Current requirements are:

    Sky + box (not HD)
    PC for Media Centre (including a blu ray/HD DVD drive)

    Most of the stuff I watch tends to be SD rather than HD but I'd like the option of having it for future purchases (like Sky HD). Bit confused between the whole 720 vs 1080 argument. Last thing I want to do is buy a 720 only to then upgrade some equipment and realise I should have gone for the 1080!

    I'm really tempted with the Panasonic TH-37PX80B or TH-42PX80B and some positive comments on here about it. My living room is quite small and current set up means I'm about 3-4 ft away from the TV but eventually (once wall mounted and sofa moved) I'll be more like 6-8 ft away.

    Views/advice would be welcome!





    If you are sitting that close then you would notice the difference having 1080p. most people pay the extra only to sit 10 foot away so a complete waste of money.

    I have the 42PX80 and I can't speak highly enough of it! Really excellent TV and well worth the money.

    I would say that 720p is great for your viewing needs. Plasma at 720p will give a much better picture than LCD or even plasma at 1080p for SD images as there is less upscaling to do. Also 720p is sufficient for the ps3 as I have only ever found a few games that are actually 1080p, most are 720p. Also sky HD (if you ever got it) is also 720p so 1080 will only really be useful for you to watch blu-ray.

    I spent 6 months reading and researching before I got my TV so I'm definately no fanboy! My freind got a Sony 40" at the same time and though it is a great TV, even he says the picture on mine is better.

    Also remember, at least on a decent plasma (such as Panasonic/Pioneer) burn-in and short life-span are a fallacy. Had mine for 5 months now without a hitch and expect to keep it for years to come!

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, think that has just about sealed it. Only dilemma now is whether to wait for Xmas sales, although can't imagine huge savings to be had on the Panny after Xmas compared to already cheap prices now.

    If you ever needed an excuse to buy one then it's ]here :thumbsup:
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