Can someone help me choose a telescope please?

Hi all.
Its hubbies birthday in a few days and over Christmas I heard him saying he would love a telescope.... and thats all I know!

I want to spend around £200- £250 and get the best available for the money. I don't mind paying a little more for a good one in the sales. I notice some stores are having good price cuts so maybe I can get a better one reduced to my price bracket?

I know nothing about them at all. I have tried searching myself but half the time I was looking at lenses or reading things that may as well be in Russian :-( . Please can someone advise me what would be a good buy?

Thank you all


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Yes I did a search on here. I never post without searching the history first.
As you can see from your link there is nothing there related, thats why I asked.

I bought one for my husband a few years ago - I received great advice and help from Barry at Beacon Hill Telescopes beaconhilltelescopes.cwc.net/
He explained the different ones to me - was really patient and there was no pressure to buy from them.
However, I am not sure if he is still there - the website doesn't appear to have been updated recently?? Maybe worth contacting them though as I found them the best at the time.

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Thanks for that.
It seems the small shops are much better as the guys there really know their stuff. I rang one shop and the sales guy was so enthusiastic about what we should be able to see and how amazing it all is..... I think I want one now lol!
Anyway I've bought one that has great reviews and is in my price range. Delivered Thursday so looking forward to seeing hubby's face on his birthday:)
Thanks again
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