can someone help me please

    Hi I have just called wicks regarding them cancelling my order. They have taken the money out of my account and the gentleman on the phone said it was not a miss price it was due to the fact they never had any in stock and it was I discontinued. do i have any rights


    If they've taken payment, you have the right to the items you have paid for OR a refund within 30 days. If they haven't got the item, then its a refund. If you feel like moaning at them more in hope of compensation, you need to do it in-store to have any real effect.

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    am i not entitled to anything else i hate them for it [email protected]$%ds

    What do you want help for ? if its not instock you will get a refund what more can they do ?


    am i not entitled to anything else i hate them for it [email protected]$%ds

    Well as you feel that way you also have the right to never buy anything from them again. Next case........
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