Can someone help me price this realisticly please - Asus EEE PC 4gb Surf Netbook

    My son is looking to get a full size laptop and already has some birthday money towards a new one. He is looking to sell his Asus EEE PC 4gb Suft (Black) but it has a couple of problems which is why I am struggling to price it realisticly.

    The left mouse button is non responsive, you either have to plug a mouse into the USB or double tap the mouse pad, secondly there is some wierd regular clicking noise, dosnt effect anything and when you plug in headphones it totally dissappears, was originally shipped over from the states so charger has 2 pin plug.

    It occasionally freezes aswell but i think this is because my son permenantly has it in his bed, whenever I have used it, giving it some breathing room! lol it has never been a problem

    Any advice would be appreciated!



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    thanks sedd33, this gives me a starting point

    i picked one up from cash converters recently for £50, no sticky keys etc but it runs linux, not XP.
    i think a windows one might command a higher price?
    it'll find its own price on a popular auction site, have a look at completed items to see the going rate.
    Hope this helps.

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    thanks philthy, this is running linux which I personally think is rubbish but thats just me! have had a look on wiki and I am pretty sure this is the 700 series - 701, looked on the bay and they dont seem to fetch as much
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