Can someone help me regarding a sale on here please??

    I am selling something on the FS forums, well i put it up 4 days ago, someone showed interest in it, and we agreed to sell.
    I pm'd them and then they managed to get back to me on 29th asking for payment details, i handed them over but still no contact or payment and they were online yesterday.

    I pm'd last night when i saw them online saying that i needed payment or when a payment would be by end of that night, trouble is its saying last activity is 20:08 and my message sent just after that so nothing heard, and no payment.

    I cant afford to hang around as i have someone else lined up if nothing come of this, so am i within my right to say cancel the deal will sell to someone else or do i need to hang fire??? I just dont want to seem mean to them by taking it off them.


    Take his mum hostage.

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    [COLOR="Magenta"]i would try and pm them tonight if they dont get in contact id offer it to someone else [/COLOR]

    Go ahead and do what you got to do, you gave them enough time, you agreed to sell it but if they dont reply does not mean you will have to wait for them!


    amcol, if it's this thread :…860

    then your buyer went offline before you posted. You may want to given them a day or so to reply & if they don't get back to you then there shouldn't be any problem offering the item for sale again in the same thread, thanks :thumbsup:


    Take his mum hostage.

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    Yeah i noticed i sent it after, will wait till morrow and see if anything is heard but he had bank details since 29th!
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