Can someone help me trade a few pokemon (pearl/plat/soul silver/ heart gold)

    In return I would gladly level your pokemon to level 100 or trade you any pokemon you want (holding anything you want), even got a legit arceus from the game give away.
    Just wanna get my cynaquil over to platinum so I can give him some rare candies and my master ball to bring back to soul silver and get totodile and chikorita from gold to silver.


    haha jokes

    all french to me but I will tell my son in the morning, I am sure he will be able to help

    If i was only 10 again id understand that

    Are there adults that do this ... or is this a joke?


    Are there adults that do this ... or is this a joke?

    Coming from the 10 year old, or the person with a 10 year old as their avi. The latter being very very weird

    my son will trade for a Arceus, Rayquaza or Lugia if you want
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