Can someone help me with my iPhone unlock? Blackra1n

    Hi, just wondering if someone can help me with my iPhone got a new 32GB 3GS today & trying to unlock with Blackra1n it works but every time the iPhone reboots it goes into recovery, does anyone know if there is a way to get around this? was previously locked to Vodafone if that's any help?

    Thanks in advance rep will be left.


    Do you have firmware version 3.1.3?

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    Do you have firmware version 3.1.3?

    The version is 3.1.2 sorry forgot to add that

    What does the log say?

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    What does the log say?

    There is no log that I can see :oops:

    What bootrom? it is tethered jailbreak

    Reference: [url][/url]


    download tool jail

    Checkout the CC option on that video. Pretty funny.

    hi, is it possible to carry out a jail break on your ipod and it to be non-tethered jailbreak? or all all jailbroken ipods and iphones unable to reboot normally after being powered down fully (not standby)
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