can someone help my bluetooth connection...

    Howdy, just bought myself a rather cuteusb bluetooth adapter, it all works well, I was just wondering if there is anyway I can select it to permanently start up when windows does.
    I don't want to have to open the program and run it everytime I want to send a picture to my laptop.
    I have tried in msconfig, but I can't enable or disable the bluetooth program, as it's not there in the list in the first place.
    Running windows vista btw.
    Cheers for any help!


    Dosent it always stay on? As mine does and also have you tried it through the settings of the USB dongle?

    Not sure if this will help, but i got mine attached to my PC also running Vista. If i want to send something to it, usually from my phone via bluetooth, it should just fine it if the bluetooth is plugged in. Then select devices and send.
    What are you using to send to the laptop?

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    yep I have tried all of the usb dongles settings, there are none that mention anything about 'launch at startup'.
    BTW It stays on once I have launched the program, but I don't want to have to launch the program everytime I turn my computer on, does anyone know of anyway to automatically launch the bluetooth connection when windows starts up?

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    Thanks homer, but as I said, I have no problems whatsoever using the bluetooth works fine, I just want it to launch when my computer starts up.

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    no, it's password protected so that only devices paired with it can.

    Add the program to the 'startup' folder in your start menu...

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    Thanks jah128, however windows edfender blocks it, giving me no option to 'permit' it as the software is 'not yet classified' I still cant use it automaticaly.
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