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Can someone help please? only if you have a dolce gusto machine

Posted 13th Jul 2011

I cant find the booklet that came with our dolce gusto machine and i want to buy some pods from their site.
Can anyone pm me the model number and model from inside the booklet on the hello page please?

Thanks x
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Aren't there more than 1 model? So unless you know which one yours is.....
if the person giving me the model number also gives the model that'd be ok.

I have the large model in black
anyone? could do with it asap
cant you look online for same one as yours, then you will know
no, i have tried that.
This is what it says:
Enter your machine code from the Getting Started leaflet

I cannot find my getting started leaflet
i thought all the pods where the same so fit all models so cannot help you there
no its so that I can fully register on the site to checkout
ring them 08007076066
Model numbers could be KP210640 or the KP5000 Circulo...
I may be wrong though but the code you are referring to is customer specific & once used can not be used again... The code is printed on the inside of the booklet & entitles you to 200 credits once you register... don't think you need it to register an account, but you do need it to get the credits...

Sorry, not the answer you were after perhaps?
yes i want the code that'll give me the points, the points bonus is ending at the end of this month anyway but if i can collect them today along with the codes off all the boxes of coffee already in my cupboards then i should have enough for something
it says on their website if you have lost it then to ring them, its also a free number jeeze

it says on their website if you have lost it then to ring them, its also … it says on their website if you have lost it then to ring them, its also a free number jeeze

Might be worth ringing them? As I said, the codes are individual to the machine so therefore anyone posting theirs to you would have already been used... I know I used mine!
I will try and locate my little booklet with my own code in. Hubby has probably squirreled it away somewhere.
Thanks for all the advice
Really would not bother to be honest....it is £3.95 for delivery of any item and your points wont be worth dit squaddley
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its the only place that i can find decaf pods
i buy my pods from amazon £20 for 100 pods.
Is yours the Krups model?

Is yours the Krups model?

It is yes

I know you can get better deals on the pods elsewhere but not for the decaf ones

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