can someone help with battlefield?

    does anyone know how i can get extra maps for battlefield 2? i downloaded the v1.41 but that doesnt give all the maps on the server. maps like fallujah and al basra are there but i do not have the maps. i will give rep to anyone who can send me a link of were i can download it.:thumbsup:


    It's not THAT hard to find.

    7 gigs worth may take some time

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    omg is it 7 gigs?

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    i have tried to google it. dont know how to search can u post a link will rep u.

    These are the official maps:…aps

    for your maps Try places like this:…e=3
    (loads of maps and map packs)

    although i may be wrong but I think fallujah is part of the special forces add-on...

    (sorry I cant help more - sold my BF2 about 3 months ago!)

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    thanks for that wraith. repped

    np - updating BF2 did my head in too!
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