can someone kindly recommend a good optician to have an eye test for. its my first time =S

Found 20th Aug 2016
Can anyone recommend a good opticians to have an eye test for?
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Scrivens Opticians
i don't recommend boots the staff were horrible
LOL surely people would need to know where you are located so they can give you more precise help?!
Do not go to Specsavers they are rubbish, overpriced & have the worst customer service ever! If you sign up to the Boots card you get mailed free eye tests or just pop in to your local optician. It is a VERY competitive market... most opticians will do a free test if you end up buying glasses. If you are on benefits/low income the NHS covers the cost of the test & you can get free basic glasses.
I have been to many. and most are good. The bigger ones like Vision Express have more machines
to check eyes etc.. but I have been going last 4 years to the local independent optician.

Most will give you free eye tests if you buy the glasses from them.


Eye see what you mean there.
Asda Opticians....
I would recommend Vision Express or Boots. Boots exam picked up that I had a lazy eye, that needed further investigation after years of using specsavers. Don't use Specsavers.
Also, I am sure you know this though, you are in no way obliged to purchase your glasses from the opticians that tested you.
Another question cleared up, then.
Use are crap.... don't use are the best...independent...hope you found an answer op.
Depends on your area, staff pretty much make or break the service.
Probably best asking people in your area who they use or at least telling us where your based.

Personally I found specsavers to be brilliant
I use the specsavers massive chain store it has 42% of the market, on most high streets so very convenient. but i read you get best service and deals from small independent opticians.
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Quick subjective guide.

Specsavers - Franchised, managed by qualified Ophthalmist. Cheap generic, poor quality Chinese frames, and average quality Pentex lenses. Used to offer an hour, or day service for manufacturing a complete set of glasses in all their stores. Has a reputation for terrible customer and after care service, mainly due to the high volume of customers and rushed manufacturing of frames. The Sports Direct of Glasses...

Boots - Outsources their manufacturing to a large British company so takes a week to a fortnight for completion of a spectacles. Again mainly uses cheap Chinese frames, but can find occasional Austrian, Scandinavian, Italian frames. Very expensive for a complete set of spectacles and substitutes Chinese or generic lenses for superior Japanese (Seiko, Nikon, Tokai etc), French (Essilor) or German (Zeiss) lenses when allowed, so beware. Excellent customer care.

Asda (Supermarket chains) - Cheap, cheerful, but limited range but uses Chinese frames and lenses, except for certain specialized prescriptions. Feels rushed, and similar to Specsavers except better customer care (usually).

Small Independents - Usually very expensive, paying roughly £30 - £50 for just an eyesight test but normally get longer, and a tailored service for your particular requirements. Able to pick and choose your frames (limited choice especially if a small premises), and lenses but pay a massive premium for a complete set of spectacles. If the companies have larger premises, or a chain of stores the range of selection increases, but as a consequence you occasionally lose that individual care and attention but prices are more reasonable.

Online retailers - Ultra cheap, Chinese lenses and frames. Good for a non-complex, simple prescription at best. Little to no customer care if mistakes are made in the manufacturing or prescription.

Remember use Google and other review sites as a guideline for local Opthalmists. Most large retailers offer discount vouchers or Free eye-sight tests, and able to purchase most types of high-index or specialist lenses. Also your company or the State might be liable to pay for the test, dependent on the circumstances.

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I recently got my first pair of spectacles made. Given that it was my first pair ever, I decided I needed some additional hand holding that an online place just couldn't provide. Keeping that in mind, I got an eye test done at both Specsavers and Vision Expresss (had free test vouchers for both) just to see the experience. My test experience at Vision Express was marginally better but their hard sell after the test put me off. I ended up buying at Specsavers as they were far more patient when answering my many questions.

As others have said, these are all franchised operations so difficult to make a sweeping statement about the chain itself. Best is to try out your local stores and then decide.
Go into any opticians you like. Ask for a pound of mince and some bones for the dog and gauge their reaction. If they give you some mince and some bones for the dog then you definitely need to go somewhere else.

When it comes to an eye rest it should make no difference where you go to - they should all be trained to the same standard. Of course, some will be more experienced than others. Don't be fooled that an independent is best. Many of the independents went out of business years ago and the people in there are just self-employed rent-a-charters with no vested interest in the company or its patients.
If you live nearby an eye hospital they can test your eyes and some can give you a prescription should you need it.
Even your GP can give you the once over and say whether you need a proper eye test or not - they may just recommend a good one to you.

When you do get them tested - remember if you need specs/lenses you can take your prescription and business anywhere you like for your prescription to be dispensed but stay clear of the butchers,
Scrivens. Have used them for my last 2 tests. So much better than the bigger chains who are only interested in pushing you through as quick as possible and pushing their sales. I felt scrivens were streets ahead and spent the time explaining the process etc. Even a follow up call to see how I was getting on. Their website gives you a voucher for £10 test. Usually £30.

Scrivens Opticians

Second Scrivens. Streets ahead of the bigger sales orientated firms.
Tesco do free eye test, or used to. They were fine.
Costco Opticians are excellent, and cheap for designer frames.
"Need a new pair of glasses? Then take a look at Costco... Bargain store 'beats high street opticians'"

"...the warehouse wholesaler has beaten leading high street chains in a customer satisfaction survey to find the best optician.

Customers were asked about their experience of buying glasses or lenses and having their eyes tested over the last three years.

Costco came a very close second behind the ‘local independent optician’, and easily beat well-known brands such as Specsavers, Boots, Dollond & Aitchison and Tesco."
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just go for a free eye test if it's on offer if u don't qualify for nhs free eye test and then shop around for glasses if you do need them don't buy from specsavers or boots they are rip off especially if you want any add ons asda use to do free tints thinner lenses etc. not sure they still do just ask the optician for a copy of your prescription the find cheapest or best place go around different places and see the glasses some seem very cheap and break so avoid them if u are paying then the bigger opticians check eye pressure and stuff ask them what they will check if needs be
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