Can someone name some of the Rocky montage songs

Posted 12th Mar 2008
Theres one I cant remember,and cant remember what film its from but like it.
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Original Soundtrack - The Rocky Story (Music CD)
1. Eye of the tiger - Survivor
2. Burning heart - Survivor
3. Living in America - James Brown
4. No easy way out - Robert Tepper
5. Hearts on fire - John Cafferty
6. Gonna fly now - The Rocky Orchestra
7. War - Vince DiCola
8. Training Montage - Vince DiCola
9. Gonna fly now - The Rocky Orchestra (instrumental)

Original Soundtrack - Rocky II (Music CD)
Disk 1
1.Redemption (Theme From Rocky II)
2.Gonna Fly Now
5.All Of My Life
7.Two Kinds Of Love
8.All Of My Life (Instrumental)

Original Soundtrack - Rocky III (Music CD)
Disk 1
1.Eye Of The Tiger - with Survivor
2.Take You Back (Tough Gym) - with Frank Stallone, Bill Conti
3.Pushin' - with Frank Stallone, Bill Conti
4.Reflections - with Bill Conti
5.Mickey - with Frank Stallone, Bill Conti
6.Take You Back - with Frank Stallone, Bill Conti
7.Decision - with Bill Conti
8.Gonna Fly Now - with Bill Conti, DeEtta Little, Nelson Pigford
9.Adrian - with Bill Conti
10.Conquest - with Bill Conti
Its gunna be in this list... Somwhere:p

Rocky I Soundtrack (1977)

Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
Philadelphia Morning
Going The Distance
Marine's Hymn Yankee Doodle
Take You Back (Street Corner Song)
First Date
You Take My Heart Away
Fanfare For Rocky
Alone In The Ring
The Final Bell
Rocky's Reward

Rocky II Soundtrack (1979)
Redemption (Theme from Rocky II)
Gonna Fly Now
All of My Life
Two Kinds of Love
All of My Life [instrumental]

Rocky III Soundtrack (1983)
Eye of the Tiger
Take You Back (Tough Gym)
Take You Back
Gonna Fly Now

Rocky IV Soundtrack (1985)
Survivor - Burning Heart
John Cafferty - Heart's On Fire
Kenny Loggins & Gladys Knight - Double Or Nothing
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Vince DiCola - War
James Brown - Living In America
Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out
Go West - One Way Street
Touch - The Sweetest Victory
Vince DiCola - Training Montage

Rocky V Soundtrack (1990)

M.C. Hammer - That's What I Said
Joey B. Ellis - All You Gotta Do Is Sing
MC Tab - No Competition
Joey B. Ellis and Tynetta Hare - Go For It!
The 7A3 - Take You Back [Home Sweet Home]
Elton John - The Measure Of A Man
Bill Conti - Can't Stop The Fire
Rob Base - I Wanna Rock
Joey B. Ellis - Thought U Were The One For Me
Snap - Keep It Up
M.C. Hammer - Feel My Power
Now you cant get beat that for service !
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