can someone please help-laptop cd drive

    The little button on my laptop cd thing to open it hasnt worked since i bought it, so i usually eject off 'my computer'

    i did a quick search on google about why the button wont open it and i read a few that said get a paper clip and bend it so you can put it in the little hole next to the button to open the cd drive, this should unstick it or something.

    did that and now it wont read any cds or show up on my computer and im really stuck on what to do.


    has the drive come loose(sticking out) if not its fried try [url][/url] there about £30+

    The emergency eject mech hole that u used is for drives that wont open any way not if they fire via software
    sounds like u've gone too far and jammed the mech or hit a circuit board, get an usb external one
    it will be the cheapest solution, as anyone qualified and competant to look at it will prob charge u £30 plus
    pls people dont try this at home

    Does the warranty not cover it?

    I would suggest resetting the drive first. Just take it out give the connection a blow out and then reset it. Make sure it is not powered on and that the battery has been taken out.

    Original Poster

    sorry lost internet last night

    i updated the drive, then rebooted and its all working fine

    but thanks a lot for helping, much appreciated
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