Can someone please help me??

    hi guys sorry to post on the site, im looking to download free spyware as iv only got virgin anti virus on pc gaurd can anyone recommend anything iv tried to download adaware and spybot but after the scan i have to pay and register please help xxxxxx


    I hope you mean free ANTI-spyware not spyware!

    Ad Aware is good as is spybot search and destroy.

    I don't know where you downloaded spybot but it is still free to use with an option to contribute if you wish.

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    i can't get one free though xxx yes i meant anti lol sorry had a rough night x

    ]Spybot is free (you can donate)
    Adaware anniversary version is also free i am convinced of it

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    thnku :Dx

    It sounds like you have spyware already.


    it says trial but it does not run out you get a few more features if you buy but trial is good install it and keep it up 2 date

    Lol, Harlzter will be pleased to read, i use the above malware package too


    avg is really good.....I use the free version that I downloaded

    I use Avast free version, spywareblaster & superantispyware free edition (all are free)

    You can download anti-spyware from filehippo ]here

    Had the same Virgin (NTL) Total Guard but my comp got a virus & spyware( talk about rubbish)
    Installed Super Antispyware & AVG & now running better. There are quite a few which are free.
    Super Antispyware
    Spybot search & destroy
    Spyware Terminator
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