Can someone please help me pick a good mobile phone?

    Its my step-sons 15th birthday in a couple of weeks & we want to get him a new mobile, or a refurnished one if its good + got a warranty.

    Ideal needs a camera but dose not have to be a great one, but it must have a MP3 player with it.

    Got a budget of around £40-£60, was looking at the D900i…tml

    But people on here have said before that the screen cracks easy on this phone & being in a teenagers pocket all the time i dont think it might be the best phone to get

    Any help/advice would be great please


    sony erricson walkman phones are ok

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    ^^ is there any model that you would recommend or are they all good?

    I would recommend the W800i, great phone well made. Stay away from the W850, I have one that spent more time being repaired that used. Mixed reviews for the D900 slick and stylish yes, very poor battery life, I suppose it depends on how the phone will be used.

    I find the review centre a good place for decent user reviews…tml

    Happy hunting

    Personally I'd stay away from the w800i, or any of the sony ericsson with the nippple style joypad, they break very easy and are a nightmare. Most of the newer models have changed the design slightly and are much much better. the w800i is the old style, I have the w810i and its the newer design.

    i had the w580i for a year but recently had to replace it, but i got the same phone cos i really liked it, just got a different colour, the first lasted a year and i text ALOT, but the buttons did 'crack' quite early on, and eventually the ear piece went, i could barely hear, random lights would flash for no reason, but for a year with my usgae, dropped a couple of times, i thought i got my moneys worth out of it

    I've been using my W800i for almost 3 years as I've not been happy with upgrades. This phone has been very well used, dropped many times usually in puddles,kicked, sat on near frozen as it lives in my outer pocket while out on my motorbike. Kids have had there stickies on it. Still working perfectly.
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