Can someone please help me with choosing a Hisense TV.

    Hi guys as the title.

    I am looking between:
    Hisense H55M3300
    Hisense H55M5500
    Hisense H55M7000

    What's the main difference between these three TVs? Also this is the first time I'm buying Hisense should I really go with them or shall I stick with Samsung. I will be getting 6 year warranty with these TVs. Thanks in advance for your help!



    They are all as bad as each other thats the only difference.

    basically different refresh rates, sound and connectors on the back

    Hisense is also an OEM, so some of the products it makes are sold to other manufacturers and carry a brand name not related to Hisense

    FYI they make things for Hewlett Packard, NEC and Carrefour so they arent that bad

    Both the M5500 and M7000 are partial HDR TVs offering a wider range of colours for use by HDR content - the M7000 has a wider range than the M5500. Neither offer the full brightness range or local dimming so don't expect the full HDR experience (you need to spend more cash for that).

    The M5500 is similar in size to LG's 630-750 models colour gamut, while the M7000 is similar to the Sony XD80 or Samsung KU6400. I'm not sure about Philips and Panasonic.
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