Can someone please PRICE these PC's

    I have 2 pc's to sell but dont know what to sell them for. Can someone help me out pls

    duocore E2140 1.6ghz
    512mb 533mhz DDR Ram
    Aopen H500Y ATX Case w/400w PSU
    80gb sata2 HDD
    nx7200gs pci-e graphics card
    Pioneer DVD18x DVD-RW DL
    Sony 52x CDRW Drive

    AMD Athlon X2 4800+
    80gb sata2 HDD
    6A Series Tower Case Black
    NO DVD Drive
    NO Memory yet
    nx 7200gs PCI-E Graphics


    1.3kg of flying saucer sherbet sweets...

    *otherwise* intended as an innoffensive 'bump'


    1: £1502: £100

    x2 4800 is £80, 80gb hd about £30, case, about £20, gfx, about £20 = £150

    e2140 £40, hd £30, gfx £20, dvd £20, cd £10, ram £10, case £35 = £165

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    many thanks for the replies
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