Can someone please quickly help me

    Im looking and reserved this tv at currys, does anyone know if this is a good tv



    I would change the link otherwise one of the many stalkers on here will see your postcode.

    Dude(tte) - there is NOTHING wrong with that TV if that is what you are after! Seriously!! Don't listen to all the doubters I have a Sony - and in some ways wish I had an LG!

    GO FOR IT!

    you cant go wrong with an LG, go for it-good price

    LG and Samsung have arranged a deal in which they wil buy panels off each other, LG have long been the leader without the prestige of a Panny or Sony

    Good reputation & seems to be backed up by the few reviews available :thumbsup:


    LG 37LG5010 I brought a LG 37LG5010 for £519.00 from Dixons online and its wicked go out and get a bargain !!! 5 out of 5 Jason Davis 31/07/2008 08:08:51

    LG 32LG5010 very good, just brilliant quality, styling, and ease of use 5 out of 5 rbatch 26/07/2008 09:33:34

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks guys, think ill go and get one for my little self lol

    not bad price guys do you think for a 1080p 37" ?? think that should be a deal if anyone wants to post it lol

    EDIT: whats the engine all about?
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