Can someone please reccomend me a Phone !!

    Would like a new phone but getting a headache over which one !!

    would like it to be good for browsing the web.

    not be fully touch screen dont mind navagating through touch screen but would like a keyboard for typing.

    Really like the blackberry curve and nokia e71 but my fingers are too fat to type lol

    also like the n97 but heard lots of problems with it !!

    could anyone reccomend me anything >?



    Hmmm a phone for someone with fat fingers?

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    my fingers arent particularly small and i have N97. its a great phone. it does have a few issues when turning on after charging and stuff it pretends there is only 2 bars left or goes a bit doolally, but just turn it on and off again and is absolutely fine. everything else is great!

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    Anyone got the new Motorola Dext ??
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