can someone please recomend a perfume please,

Found 15th Mar 2011
My sister has said to me she would like a perfume off us for her birthday, she said something musky and not flowery, could someone please help me choose one for us to buy, i havent a clue what to buy,
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Gucci flora is nice- musky but not old womanise musky. YSL Elle is also musky. X
Old womany I meant. Damn predictive text!
White Musk gift set from the body shop. Perfect.
Chanel No.5
Gucci Eau de Parfum and Coco Chanel are both quite nice - a bit pricier than Body Shop perfume if you want something more expensive.

Don't forget the glitches that there always are on Body Shop things if you go for theirs.
I love musky, but didn't like gucci flora much, was too girly for me, love Whigs musk though from the body shop...if you get that get the oil not the perfume, it lasts longer and is stronger
My ex used Alien and it was really nice. It's the only perfume I actually know though so that limits my input somewhat
Just go into any shop with a perfume counter and the assistant should b able to recommend something suitable, and u could get a nice gift set and these sometimes work out better value. Good luck

Gucci flora is nice- musky but not old womanise musky. YSL Elle is also … Gucci flora is nice- musky but not old womanise musky. YSL Elle is also musky. X

This. Or find out what other perfumes she has and try and get something similar.
victor rolf flowerbomb - expensive but beautiful £100 a pop though
next pink is nice i always get comments on that but no-one says anything when i wear the expensive ones
Chanel - any of them
Thank you everyone for your help and recommends, she likes Samsara?? but had some bought for xmas, so i will go and price up, its a special birthday so dont mind paying a bit more,
boss orange for women is buff ting

boss orange for women is buff ting

The mens one is lush as well
chanel mademoiselle
I bought the wife womanity by Thierry Mugler, cool bottle too. It's nice, that is about all I know about it.…X9Q
Hugo boss intense also mmmmm, dont buy it for your sister though, It is a favourite among ladies of the pole dance, not that I would know about any of that, so best not buy that for your sis, but men love the scent, so im told by mates

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I love hypnotic poison. Also body shop white musk is the best musk smelling scent around I reckon.
She is your sister - so that means you buy her the most flowery one you can find
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