Can someone please recommend


Can someone please recommend me an all in one computer? one with no tower or mini tower? had a quick look at pc world and the sony one looks ok?

Thanks for your help!!


An all in one computer? Like an Apple Mac? A laptop?

An iMac?

imac or laptop?


ee box?

He said he wants an all in one.

rofl my bad :P

Not much choice on this. You could look for a Dell XPS M2010 laptop come desktop. Dell don't make it any more but you may find one knocking around.
Or mount a mini ITX on the back of a monitor. If your not up to doing this a local computer shop will give you a quote. Note you wont be able to play highly graphical games.

Dell do the XPS One, HP do their touchsmart series (with touchscreens), Sony do several , asus are about to release their 'eee top' 16" all-in-one and there are various smaller companies doing all-in-ones like ]these people and ]these people. There is Apple's iMac as well and although it is nicely built it's not terribly well designed.

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thanks for the replies guys i will look into the recommendations you gave! thanks!
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