can someone please resize this pic so i can avatar it!…gif

    can someone please make that compatible so i can use it as my avatar

    rep will be given accordingly :thumbsup:



    You're joking, I couldn't even put a stupid book of matches on a picture and post it so you ain't got no chance of me doing it :giggle:

    Original Poster

    cheers mate :thumbsup:




    use imageshack - you can upload from a url and change the size...

    EDIT - or is the file size too big?

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    lol if you look at where the image is hosted i uploaded it onto but the file size is too big 29kbs

    how do i make the file size smaller?



    woo 444th post

    I put it in your avatar... but realised it's still bigger than the regular forum limit of 80*80... I'll edit it in imageready for you, seeing as you asked so nicely

    There ya go


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    aww thanks emma

    thats what i call good customer service :thumbsup:

    lol cheers



    aww thanks emmathats what i call good customer service :thumbsup:lol … aww thanks emmathats what i call good customer service :thumbsup:lol cheersyus786

    Hee hee, we aim to please. !! If anyone else needs help with avvies, I can usually fix them up.
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