Can someone please tell me what Nasi Goreng tastes like?

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Found 10th Dec 2014
is it anything like Chinese fried rice? I got this Amoy Nasi Goreng meal kit and I'm curious to try it tomorrow but hardly have the time for a culinary disaster

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Yes, but better imo. If you like CFR then you'll like NG

it's very nice. a bit sour and taste like pineapple mixed rice.

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Thanks guys for taking the time to reply, sounds promising! I love pineapple and I love CFR, what could possibly go wrong?

I couldn't answer you, but I'm glad you asked as I've often wondered too

Spicey and amazing

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Thanks! Looking forward to trying it after all the comments:)

It's usually quite hot, a bit oily, not sure where pineapple comes into it as that is not an ingredient.
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