Can someone put a poppy on my bad eye for me please.

    Can someone do this for me, or explain, in idiot's terms, how I can do it myself please.
    What do you need.


    Original Poster

    Jeeeez, that was quick.
    Thank you.


    Jeeeez, that was quick.Thank you.

    i had paintshop open anyway as i was doing one for someone else lol :thumbsup:


    clever bird ain't ya?ever thought of making a career out of it?

    thanks hunny .. and i will ignore stroppy pants lol xxxxxx

    oh and its not as simple as copy n pasting

    the photo needing making into a tube first and sizing ect .. also drop shadowed ... lol


    thanks hunny .. and i will ignore stroppy pants lol xxxxxx

    Lol... you do right! :thumbsup:

    Any chance you could give my avvy a poppy... please....? *wishes there was a smiley for batting eyelashes...!*

    that is like the lamest poppy ive ever seen, did you draw that yourself. The poppy on Stewies head is much better!

    looks better than the other one


    does anyone like mine, i was quite proud of that!

    its brilliant hunny xx


    its brilliant hunny xx

    thanks, from the avvy queen, that means a lot!:thumbsup:going to bed now, i've run out of cigs:?

    Night Night

    Me too pretty please ? I think Lewis needs on for the next week or so. Thanks.
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