Can someone put custom firmware on my psp please

    i just got it today, and i want CFW on it and i dont know how, i will pay for p and p both ways


    Me too

    I even have a Pandora battery and memory stick (empty), but no knowledge of what to do.


    As you've already got the battery download this and it should make the stick for you…151

    you'll also need the official eboot files for 1.50, 3.71, 3.80, 3.90, and 4.01 which you can get from…/36

    Also Cluffy, I have a battery and a memory card i can loan you if you think you can do it yourself?

    If so , let me know?

    Original Poster

    i think i can try, lol how much you want for p&p

    Ask immortal. I got the magic memory stick and pandora battery from him and did the firmware on my sons this week. See this thread…y-s

    Original Poster

    was it easy?

    Should be about £2 - £3 . You have good feedback so wont ask for a deposit.

    Yeah its DEAD easy fella, nothing to worry about

    Original Poster

    ok, can pay by paypal?

    payment received, will get it off to you early in the week, Let me know when you receive it!

    Original Poster

    ok i got the stuff, but im stuck at the first stage, someone help
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