can someone recommend a good free & easy to use cd to mp3 converter please

    As per title says.

    Need it for my step mom who is not the quickest to pick things up so its got to be easy to use. Its got to be free as she is worried about illegal stuff on her pc even tho iv told her they dont really find you out are using it.

    Any help or links would be great




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    iv never had the need to use itunes myself so i didnt think of that. Il check it out & hope fully it will be easy enough for her to use

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    Any one think of any others as a back up plan cheers

    I've just done a search and tried this program:…htm

    Its free, and worked very easily. Just opened the program and clicked extract! Now I have my christmas hits as MP3. Although its a bit early for jingle bells...

    EDIT: mecoconuts recommendation also looks an easy program for ripping cds to mp3. There seems like quite a few free programs that would do the job. I have never tried itunes, but you could give that a whirl also which has been mentioned :).



    +1 :thumbsup: Easy to use and a known product

    windows media player



    windows media player


    Its on most windows computors unless you removed it.
    But its free to download.

    would think long and hard before buying in to the itunes scene

    i tried it and didn't really like it - i felt trapped

    much happier just using wmp

    One of the ones I've used for years without any problems is CDex . Theres a few others I use too like Media Monkey and one from the the Packard Bell site , it's part of some drivers for a laptop and it's quite good .
    But would recommend CDex.
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