Can someone recommend a good wifi extender?

    looking for a good WiFi extender which offers value but a good WiFi range - but have no idea where to start. recommendations would be appreciated! thank you

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    TP LINK worked for me fine. About £20 on Amazon

    A lot of routers can be configured to act as a repeater to extend wifi signal.
    If you have an old one you could use that.

    I was looking at these the other day - seems you get what you pay for, I did come across a site with the top ten, BT seemed to do well
    if you have a BT connection, Zyxel they rated well but I wouldn't touch them, had problems in the past from the powerline adapters.
    A TPlink one came out on top but it was around the £90 mark... Sorry can't remember which model it was.

    Personally I would stay away from wifi extenders. What they don't bother telling you is that it reduces your wifi network throughput by atleast 50% and not just where your connecting via the extender but also if your standing right next to your router. It's like building a 2 lane road between two locations, realising you needed it to reach a 3rd location but the only solution is to dig up a lane and use the material to extend the range thus reducing the capacity the road can handle to extend the range.

    There are better ways to extend your wifi range. The best is to run a Ethernet cable between the router and a second wifi router/access point in the blackspot but obviously running a wire isn't always possible. If it isn't an option then power line adapters can work as a virtual Ethernet cable between the current router and a new one in the blackspot. Powerline adapters aren't as good as an Ethernet cable because the overheads are higher so you lose some speed but it's rarely at the level that an extender causes and it would only be on the router in the blackspot and not when connected to the main router
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