Can someone recommend a healthy air fryer or halogen oven that actually cooks chips nicely?

Posted 13th Dec 2015
Had a Breville Halo Fryer a while back and never managed to get nice chips out of it, just mushed them up and my partners mum had the same problem with hers. Eventually just got a deep fat fryer but, want to give an actifry/air fryer/halogen oven a go again. So am hoping someone can recommend one that actually cooks chips nicely, preferably every time but, would settle for almost every time as nothing is perfect :p.
Fortunately was able to send the Halo fryer back but, don't want to be disappointed again. So much choice out there and everything gets mixed reviews and just struggling so would like personal recommendations :).

ETA: Would be looking at making our own chips, rather than using frozen chips.
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