Can someone recommend a tent please.....?

Found 7th Jul 2009
We are looking at starting up camping.

Have no idea what tent to buy? There is only 2 of us. Would like something fairly easy to put up.

Cannot afford a very expensive one either

XX Cheers
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there are loads here.


It really depends on how much you want to spend. I would never have a tent where I cannot stand up, so for me all the really small, really cheap ones are out. Others prefer this type.
Looking on this page I would suggest looking above £149. They all seem reasonable tents. All will be fairly easy to put up with a bit of practice in your garden.Approx 20 mins with 2 of you.

Hope this helps

Argos is a good place to look, some good tents are half price. Good luck.
My vote goes to argos, I purchased a four man tent starter kit for 97.00 included in the price- air beds,sleeping bags and two lights and sealed in ground sheets we did a bit of research first and it came up top by far x
Try ]Halfords, they have a sale on and do camping sets. If it's for 2 of you get a 3 man tent or above
Wouldn't touch Argos or Halfords. The posts on here have given them awful reviews.

Go Outdoors is the best recommendation
a good tent which i can thoughly recommend is a wild country homestead 5 its a little big for two people but it allows space for wet items to be stored, and the most important, you can stand up in it, and its bulletproof,we were camping in skye with 60mph winds and was only 2 of twenty tents that were left standing. you can pick them up on ebay for around £120ish
Cheap tents in Tesco at the moment. Up to 25% off some camping equipment online. Had some bargains in my local store too.

2 person waterproof dome tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 foam sleeping mats and carry case for £29.99.

3 person dome tent for £29.39.

Or 4 person dome tent reduced to £33.75.
If you're after a dome tent go for a Vango / Lichfield or a Colemans.. My previous Lichfield lasted 5 years of constant use.
Spending less on an unbranded tent is false economy... aka.. drips on your forehead in the middle of the night
i second the call for tesco, me and 4 friends all bought two man tents from there for t in the park a few years ago, each of us managed to pitch our own iin less than 5 minutes whilst intoxicated, and as usual at a music festival the rain was chucking down but the tents kept us perfectly dry.
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