Can someone recommend a will writing service please?

Posted 10th Jan 2023
I want to create a will, can someone recommend a good service please?
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    It may be worth looking at charities - some will cover the cost of a will in exchange for a donation?
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    Wait till march it's free wills month
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    If your in a Union, most have a free Will-writing service?
    Not in a Union but thanks, didn't know about this. (edited)
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    I used Co Op might still be a code on money saving expert forum
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    I've just used these

    perfectly fine if your will is not going to be complex. They will try to upsell you stuff but it's not needed and just say no.
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    More likely that there are no solicitors in members' areas signed up to the scheme!
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    Co-op has legal services which can help write wills.

    Amex has 15% off with them btw

    49282477_1.jpg (edited)
  8. Avatar unless its ultra complex these are free and simple
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