Can someone recommend an HDMI Swtich Box?

    Could someone please recommend me a 4 or 5 port HDMI Switch box with a remote control feature

    I've tested and sent back 4 different HDMI switches now (3 from amazon and 1 from ebay)

    All have been problematic where they either won't switch over or give fuzzy video output, I've tried 3 sets of different HDMI cables so I've ruled out that problem, I've also tested each switch on a Panasonic TV and LG model with the same results.

    I want to connect a Sky HD+ Box, Intel NUC, PS3 & PS4 (if I get a 5 port model it would be for a future device maybe)

    I've seen this one here…AwQ

    Looks good but no reviews to tell me otherwise.

    Just want something that works, I don't mind it being powered or standalone.

    Anyone any recommendations?



    £30 is getting very close to the price of a second hand amp which would do the same thing and much more

    Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 port High speed HDMI switch with IR wireless remote and AC Power adapter - supports 3D, 1080p…HXM

    I had the same problem and bought the above item. Absolutely fantastic and brilliant customerservice

    I got mine from eabay for about £40 which is 4 in 2 out, and I use it to feed TVs in living room and kitchen with different sources. Great bit of kit and no problems with image in either room, but you can't skimp on cables over about 7m (I'm using 10m no problem)

    This item 251494016127 is on eBay now and looks identical to mine although a different supplier. I'm now looking for an AV Receiver that'll do it but choice is limited.

    Oh, my current amp remote used to change input annoyingly so I had to tape it over and manually use the button, but it's no hardship


    Mine was a self powered duronic one from Amazon. No remote though. I also found most HDMI cables have me the glittery effect on the screen. Switched to Amazon HDMI cables and never looked back.


    +1 for the Kinvio

    I had a cheap manual switch from currys but had issues with it and my Apple TV and PS3 to the point I was about to bin the PS3

    Replaced it with the powered Kinvio and it works perfectly

    I've got PS4, Sky and Chromecast and with Chromecast being switched on all the time it gives it enough power!
    Comes with little remote control too

    111397555096 - 3 port version
    201229302406 - 5 port version

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    I have this Belkin one which works great:…S2/

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