can someone recommend me a good internet pc protection thingy?

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Found 1st Mar 2008
sorry not sure what they are called,just got a new laptop so want to get one of them norton virus things to protect the laptop can anyone recommend one please?

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Hmmm OK -so this time you should opt for AVG as it's free and is widely accepted as one of the better antivirus 'thingys' that you can get... YOu can download it on the AVG website free, and it can be updated and all sorts, It costs nohing and is widely used.


Next question?


A good one is kaspersky.

Better than norton and the others


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no more now thanks lol,will get that one then was going to buy one that cost £3 a month so free is great thanks

Well, AVG takes care of Anti-Virus but you also need to consider Anti-Spyware as well...

I suggest you look at SUPERAnti-Spyware or Adaware - both free.

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so i wil need to get an anti virus and an anti spyware?would that be all i needed?do these sites protect or block "adult sites" as my kids also use my laptop?

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thanks for help all rep given

Again AVG do that as well - as for the litt uns using the internet - this can be monitored and / or restricted using Windows normal security...

AVG actually has anti virus, ant spyware, and all of the associated bits with it anyway - like I mentioned before, if you were to be as ..... as some of us, you would know that it constantly keeps coming up in the computer weekly / monthly 'best antivirus ' awards and so on...

I have tried all sorts overt the years both paid for and free - i'm not going to TELL you what to do - as it si YOUR choice, but wy not visit the website and see what you think? OR downloasd it and see how you get on with it? And the Parental Controls can be easily put on to the machine too......

There are lots of ways of doing that too.....



one my pc im running (after catching a virus got better protection put in)

ad-ware 07
ad-watch 07
spybot search & destroy

AVG also anti spyware AVG

dont forget about your firewall. I use zone alarm free version


dont forget about your firewall. I use zone alarm free version

I'm a Zone Alarm user. Very good software.

Having once loaded on a trial disc I now seem to benefit from completely free fully working versions as they become available (the full security software - anti-virus, firewall and spyware).


If you really wanna a THINGY, I would ignore what every else said.

The best thing you can do is go to that whatsitcalled shop, speak to whateverhisnameis behind the counter, tell him you are looking for that THINGY and he should be able to tell you exactly what you might need to do what ever it is you want it to do for whatever price is was you were probably thinking of paying. If he cant help then I think you might be that water type thing without one of those paddly type thingys.

Hope this helped

sooner have a whatyoucallit than a thingy.i found it much better.whatyoucallit's faster and cleans quicker.

no questions too hard. hope this helped.

I think you're thinking of a 'thingummyjig' .

If you are new to using PC thingies - dont use windows - start from scratch with Ubuntu.


99.9% of viruses and spyware are written for windows - so try ubuntu and you avoid that - and...

Its free.

99% of its software is free.

It updates automatically.

It has a list of thousands of programs it you can select from and it will install them and uninstall them for you if you dont like them.

Many programs are the same as the ones you may use on windows (firefox, opera, open office, etc...)

It runs faster than windows, but to a user it is virtually identical.

AVG and Spybot are good choices
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