Can Someone Recommend Somewhere To Buy A Web Address?

    Im with Virgin with an NTL email address, and since having my email 'upgraded' a few days ago to the new gmail type, i've had nothing but problems. So looking to buy a web address with POP email so I dont have to rely on Virgin anymore.
    Can anybody recommend somewhere cheap but reliable?


    Hi, I've used 123-Reg for a few years now and can't fault them.

    Head over to [url][/url] and search for a domain name to see if it's available. As I recall domains are about £6ish for 2 years. They have a web control panel where you setup web and email forwarding, so you can redirect [email protected] onto your gmail address, or they will also supply and host a pop3 mailbox (not tried this though).

    There's plently out there that do this sort of thing, but I've found the support etc from these guys to be very good.


    Do you mean a domain name?

    eg so you could use [email protected]

    If so, for approx £6 for 2 years. then simply use a gmail account within. (ie so google host your mailbox, though you still send and recieve via [email protected]

    LOL... EDIT.... Great minds think alike! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Godaddy is quite cheap - you're better off going elsewhere for domains but they do good prices on .net, .com, etc.. Got a .info from there for $0.99 once!

    Edit: Not sure whether you are after a web site domain name with email support (e.g. you own [url][/url] and have email addresses like [email protected]) or just your own email domain - no website (e.g. [email protected])?


    of course, you could just open a gmail account yourself, they are very reliable, and free

    virgins email was always unreliable, and looks like they are still messing up with the transfer, but dont let that put you off google (i have used it for 5 years and dont look back). but the virgin changeover will reap benefits in the end, but as you can just open a gmail account anyway, makes virgins work pointless.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the help, I didn't expect so many replies so quickly. I think i'll try 123reg, as im looking for a domain name with email forwarding, just for the email really not for a website.
    I have my own Gmail address and know how reliable it is but have always used the NTL one as my main address as i've had it the longest, but this changeover to the Gmail server by Virgin is a joke, the amount of email that is not being forwarded is about 50%, it works for about a day then you have to log back in and set it up again.
    Thanks for the help, rep added!

    Try Yahoo, I've been using them for years ,never a problem.

    >Im with Virgin with an NTL email address, and since having my email 'upgraded' a few days ago to the new gmail type,

    I am a bit confused by this.

    If you are with Virgin and have an NTL email address that will be something like [email protected]

    But a googlemail email address will be something like [email protected].

    So I dont see how changing your googlemail email address to a gmail address affects your ntlworld address.

    I am also with Virgin (blueyonder) but use googlemail/gmail via a browser so not sure how being with NTL has anything to do with it.

    Can you explain what the "problems" are?


    Can you explain what the "problems" are?

    explain what your actual probs are as it doesnt sound as though you need another email/web address. You can set up your Virgin/NTL email in an email client such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail etc

    You can use POP and SMTP in Gmail.

    I use that quite successfully on occasion.

    Just go into the Gmail settings and enable POP. You should be able to find all the info you need to set up your email client

    Original Poster

    Virgin are moving all there customers POP email to a special 'Virgin" branded Gmail service. They claim nothing will change (with Customers POP email), but after monitoring it since i was changed over a week ago and despite me setting it up the way they suggest (every day) im only getting about 50% of my emails delivered to Outlook.
    The other 50% are being left on the Virgin/Gmail server and when i log in they are there but already marked as if they have been sent on to outlook already (but havent), so i can see my emails that are not getting to my PC (if i log in online).

    I know Gmail is good and has its benefits but the 'Virgin/Gmail' service is not working properly and if you google Virgins new email service you will see im not alone. I can imagine once everyone is on the new service the problem getting worse, and can also see how a lot of people wouldn't notice email not getting to them yet but will soon when its something important.

    I already have a free Gmail address, which i use for all sorts of things like signing up for deals etc...and if I wanted could use that or sign up for another. But i want a reliable POP email service, and at the 2.99 a year that 123 reg is offering for a personalized address im quite happy to pay for it, and that way if Virgin's service gets any worse I can leave and still take my email with me :-)
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