Can someone record a Rugby Game for me?

Hey. Tomorrow night, Sky Sports 3 7.30pm - 10pm, theres the Super League game between Wigan and Leeds Rhinos.

Now, i have Sky Sports, but i dont have any means to record it by and my uncle is wanting to see the game when he comes back from Florida. Is there anyone on hotukdeals that could maybe record the game for me onto a DVD and send it to me and ill pay for postage and hassle.

Thanks guys


i don't have sky sports so can't help directly but can't you use sky player to d/l the game?


sorry can't help you to record it, but check torrents after, or I have a feeling wolfie might be spot on there!

Hubby is going to that match.

I have sky sports too but, have no means to record it, sorry x

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yeah i was at magic weekend this year at murrayfield. Was a good day out. Ive saw a few torrent websites have started recording the games. Not sure whether to take a chance and see if they record this one...

I just remembered that you can buy the match dvds from the club shop. But I'm not sure if they do these for the away games?

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Cheers milesy. Ill keep that in mind if recording doesnt work out too good for me!


[SIZE="6"][COLOR="Blue"]Rhiiii[/COLOR][COLOR="Yellow"]iiinnnnn[/COLOR][COLOR="Blue"]nnnooooooo[/COLOR][COLOR="Yellow"]ooooooooos[/COLOR]![/SIZE]sorry can't help you to record it, but check torrents after, or I have a feeling wolfie might be spot on there!

Woop Woop!!!!! not going personallly but its gonna be a great atmosphere with the cheap (£10) tickets....Sorry...I cant video it for you neither, as I wont be home at the time

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Doesnt matter now guys. Spoke to Sky. They are giving me all Sky Sports channels for 6 months with 10% off. So that suits me. Ill keep that deal, means ill get some SPL games too.

Also ordered myself a K World Video backup. So i can then record the game to the PC at some point over the next week.

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