Can someone suggest a reasonable tablet?

Found 13th Apr
My kids have had a kindle fire tablet for about 3 years now but recently they have been getting lots of different '............. has stopped working' messages, I've followed all the instructions to clear them but it's getting worse. I am looking to buy new tablets, nothing to expensive around the £50-60 range. I've been looking at the Kindle Fire 7 but I've heard you can't get youtube on them, is this true? or can anyone suggest anything similar? They play the usual games like geometry dash, my singing monsters, red ball etc and watch YouTube.

Thanks in advance.
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I have a kindle fire and get youtube!
You can sideload YouTube, I've got a Fire 8 (bought late last year) that has the app installed. Fire tablets are good value for money and since your kids are happy with it I recommend going for another one
Can you get Google Play on a Kindle Fire?
dellboy751 h, 52 m ago

Can you get Google Play on a Kindle Fire?

Yep. Sideload it - there are plenty of how to guides such as this one telling you how to go about it too (such as this one or this one). I downloaded the apk files for my Fire 8 and it worked so Play Store runs fine
Factory reset the tablet they have - it should clear up the errors.
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