can someone tell me what is difference between a Samsung Pixon and Omnia please?

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Found 23rd Mar 2009
I have tried to have a look on the net but they all seem to have the same features.


Pixon - 8MP Non-Smartphone mobile
Omnia - Windows Mobile smartphone with a 5mp camera

I would suggest the pixon - its really good, unless its for business use, then go for the omnia.

Omnia's more of a smartphone and Pixon's more of a camera phone
Omnia has a 5MP camera and I think Pixon has 8MP
Omnia has windows Mobile and Pixon has something else i think?

Hope that helped a little....?

Oh and i would suggest the omnia.
Great camera and can do so much more than just take pictures!

one's called a Pixon and one's called an Omnia.

Hope this helps.

Chips xxx


disappointed in what way?
i had the diamond before and a pocket pc before that and i reckon the omnias best so far!

omnias actually quite fast for me.....
custom modaco ROM does help though.

basically, you change the phone's internal software.
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