Can someone tell me what this sauce is called

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Found 23rd Feb 2010
Whenever i go to the indian restaurants and order popperdoms you get a sauce with it. its cream/yellow color and not spicy. dose anyone know what it is called and how to make it.

Thanks will leave Rep for any help.

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mango and chutney??


What does it taste like?

Is it the yoghurt type sauce,Raita.


Raita......youhurt,mint cucumber and onion or a variation of those ingredients depnending

i like this one it's my fav i know its minty but what is it made out of

.....if its not spicy, then probably Mango Chutney (although frankly I've never come across such a colour or such a sauce - sounds a bit dodgy!):whistling:


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Thanks Raita sounds like the one.

Sometimes I think you get a thinish raita which has some smooth mango chutney in it, probably with a little bit of turmeric as well. The one we have is always a bit sweet, and I reckon that's the chutney.

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i like this one it's my fav i know its minty but what is it made out of

I love this and put it on my meal aswell.

..........let's just hope its not the Chef's 'special sauce':?

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..........let's just hope its not the Chef's 'special sauce':?

nasty. i was going to pop to the local indian and ask for some. might not now lol



its just natural yoghurt with some turmeric & fresh mint in

TBH the local indians down here dont serve Raita a lot. Its more the mint sauce that is standard with popadums.. and knowing the guy who owns my fav one he tells me a hell of a lot of ingrediants go into making that one small pot of mint sauce. But then thats an original indian recipe not one of the quickly knocked up alternatives. His is something special though i must say :-)

Mint sauce!
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