can someone tell me why these laptops are so cheap?



    there almost just shells, start adding stuff and they become none cheap

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    thanks sassie

    I think they are very expensive especially for reconditioned rubbish

    Pentium 3, 10Gb HDD, 128mg PC100 memory, Cd-Rom etc

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    shows what i know!

    Yes, look at the spec - P3 700 for the T20s, that is some age of laptop! Given that entry level laptops offer significantly more specification and performance I agree with the above comment that the laptops on the site are actually pretty expensive.


    it would take about 4 hours to start up lol

    Because most likely they are refurbished which means that they use to belong to someone and then it got broke.So they bought it and restored them to the best of their ability.

    OS: windows 2000 need we say more?????

    Yikes. My previous laptop was bought in 2000, and it had better spec than these. It was low-midend back then as well.

    In answer to the title, they're not cheap. Check this item on ebay : 350003303228 £80 delivered or £195 delivered from that site. Shocking. IBM T series are good though if you want a basic virtually bulletproof laptop (my T23's on 24/7 and has been for over a year).
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