Can someone translate this eBay email - i have no idea what they mean

Found 13th Dec 2017
I don't know if I'm going mad - but I'm at a loss with these eBay messages

I sold a product on eBay uk - but as it went abroad, for some reason the transaction is handled by eBay USA
cut story short - the buyer opened a dispute of non receive, I supplied the tracking number which showed that it was in his local depot for delivery as no on was at home for original delivery.

to my surprise, despite the tracking number - eBay refunded him in full. I put a an appeal in which was rejected, so I contacted eBay with all the details I had and they replied

"Thank you for contacting eBay in regard to the (product sold) I understand that you have proof that the item has been shipped to the buyer's location. I’ll be happy to help you with this concern.

After reviewing your case further, I found out that there was an attempted delivery of November 11 to the buyer's location and that is why I already sent a Manual correction for your refund to process and it will take 5-7 business days, please be reminded that it is still a subject for approval.

Thank you for your patience and for choosing eBay"

i asked them to clarify what they mean

"Thanks for getting back to eBay. I understand that you would like to clarify some information on the case and I'm willing to help you with this.

J, based on the case details, it shows that a request for manual refund has been submitted today. This will be reviewed and we will update you on the outcome after 5-7 business days.

In the event that our request has been granted, eBay will process your refund. On the other hand your buyer will still be keeping the refund."

I have no idea what they mean.

(So folks, if you want free xmas gifts, go to eBay, buy items, wait for post person to take your parcel back to depot, put a claim in, get your refund, then go to the depot to pick up the parcel.)
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What's not to understand? They told you twice.
They'll reverse the refund.
Basically I think they mean that as u have proof u will get ur refund
Strange... I won't post out of UK after I had a bad experience.
It means eBay will take the hit and refund you but the buyer keeps his money too. Happens actually quite alot
Seeing its being "reviewed" I'd say they have put in a appeal, the outcome is still 50/50. Normally though with tracking details ebay side with seller. I've been on the buyers end when a hermes delivery driver put the parcel in the bloody outside bin, next day rubbish went out for collection and so did the parcel. Luckily it was only a couple of quid! Seller wouldn't help with claiming which a pain.
What's not to understand? They told you twice.
To be honest I don't understand what they mean
Looks like you'll get a refund, meanwhile did you use eBay's Global Shipping Program ?where you had to send it to an eBay warehouse near you in the U.K, where they then send in onto America?
if so, they would have proof of receipt of the item and it's then their responsibility to deliver the parcel to the buyer not yours.
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It seems ebay sometimes panics and sends the buyer refunds without even looking into the case. I stopped using that place a while back for selling as I ended up being out of pocket for the goods and the money on more than one occasion. Appeal does absolutely nothing other than probably flag you up as a trouble maker.

What delivery service did you use?. I hope tracked and signed for?. Not just tracked to the destination country?. If you went through the global shipping program then you only need proof it reached the global shipping location in the UK, after that its actually ebays problem.
larrylightweight54 m ago

It means eBay will take the hit and refund you but the buyer keeps his …It means eBay will take the hit and refund you but the buyer keeps his money too. Happens actually quite alot


If approved you'll get your money back but the buyer will also get to keep their refund. No idea who'll get the package in the end may come back to you or the buyer may collect it before a return to sender that's if you put a return address on it.
If you sent it with global shipping they will refund you. If lost after it's out of the UK it's down to them. Had this problem a couple of weeks ago.
But mine was Germany all messages had to go through German EBay. But I didn't lose any money. Which makes a change with eBay!
In English I think they mean buyer will keep the item and refund and in this case eBay will refund from their own pockets the price to yourself.
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