Can someone verify something for me...

    Just ordering some jeans from MandMDirect. I'm confused with these jeans though, are they 'used' as in second hand?…C35

    Thanks, Zak.


    I don't think M&M sell second hand stuff. I suspected the term 'used' means thay are made to look worn or distressed. Call them and ask.

    i loooooooool'd


    It's just the wash of the denim I guess:

    Product Detail: * Lee Cooper soft worn feel regular fit denim jean.

    unless its the pair i sent back after i had a accident in them LOL

    by 'used' i it will probably mean they are customer returns..someone returned them either because they were the wrong size or wrong order etc...they may not have been worn but i think they have to put 'used' because they are returned.

    Definately wont be second hand!! Just poor use of words on their part!!

    They tend to use American terms, i.e. trousers are classified under pants.:w00t:

    Don't buy. Bad seller. Ordered b4 xmas. Now I am receving letter that order out of stock. When I ordered it didn't say "Out of Stock"

    I thought 'used' describes the manufacturing :?

    As in they add a worn element to the jeans post manufacture. Looks dayme good.
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