Can Tesco Direct ask for a refund of price match guarantee

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Found 19th Dec 2014
I purchased GTA V for Ps4 from Tesco Direct but under the pre order price guarantee they refunded me £5. Later that week they refunded me again another £5 (an error on their part). Now they have emailed me to say they want £5 back off me from the card I made the purchase on.

What I want to know is can they legally do this as it was their error not mine?


Just say no

Lol, Tesco are getting desperate. Just give it back out of pity.

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Just say no

I assume its an automated process. What I want to know is can I refuse to refund them legally?

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Even funnier, I have just read the email again and it states "To correct our error, we’ll have to reclaim a total of £5.00, shortly after 29th December 2015, from the card you originally used to place your order" . Another mistake by them!!

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Not sure whether they can legally I would assume so as it's clearly an error.

I'm assuming that if you paid for something twice in error you would ask for the extra payment back and not just think never mind it's my mistake they can keep the money???

just tell them no and a big story bout the pain the email has caused you.. they might explain how they will have to issue a new profit warning....

i dont think they can process the transaction without your permission, Very did the same thing and they have been asking for a year lol

Ignore them, they can't do anything to you.

Give them the fiver back and if you're that hard up i'll give you a fiver!

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They have taken the money out of my account, where do i stand now?


They have taken the money out of my account, where do i stand now?

You're still £5 better off. Move on.

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Im not £5 better off as they honored a price match guarantee, but it was their mistake they refunded me again

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So you got the £5 you were due and can no longer be classed as better OR worse off.

Why don't you read a book and forget you ever got the money you were never due.


They have taken the money out of my account, where do i stand now?

£5 worse off than before they took the money I suppose.

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I don't really care about the money, its the principle that it was their mistake, but nearly 2 months later, they try to correct their error

There is no principle. A mistake has been corrected. Mistakes get corrected.

If the money taken was your money to begin with, then there would be a principle.

If Tesco refused to honour their price match, then there would be a principle.

There is literally no issue here apart from your own ego that seems to have been bashed about by Tesco remedying something which you seem to believe is a detriment to yourself when it does not leave you better or worse off.

It's a chargeback...they didn't even have to warn you. Accept it and move on.
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