Can the iphone 3g get blocked?

    Just wondering because i was thinking of buying one.


    buying one or stealing one? :w00t:

    computer sez no

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    yeh im gona do a jack up mission lol.

    nah seen one locally to buy but wana be wary.

    All phones can be blocked via the IMEI number

    I am buying and selling phones for living, but haven't seen one barred yet As Jay said, all imei devices can be barred, BUT 1.14 2G iphones have couple easy solutions to change IMEI (pls bare in mind it is a CRIME to do it :whistling:). So, all in out, and when it comes to worst...sell it abroad :oops:

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    yh but iphones cant be unlocked to be sent abroad lol the 3g ones cant be unlocked.

    ok, 2g and 3g if barred are fine beyond UK's borders. 2g has couple unlock solutions, 3g has only one, and it's so called turbosim-bit of platic with a microprocessor that slides under the simcard. Kinda weird, but it works, is cheap and acts as a simlock unlocker It's not a proper unlocker, works on the other end though!
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