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Can the police do anything if your car is blocking a private garage?

Posted 15th Dec 2009
I know this has nothing to do with deals but i didnt know who else to ask and everyone on here is always helpful.

Where we live we have a seperate block of garages which is off the road and is private property. I know it is classed as off the road cos one of my neighbours keeps an old car round there without mot and tax and is allowed to do so legaly.

Well my husband parked outside our garage today and slightly blocked the entrance to next doors garage and they phoned the police.

Instead of just knocking on our door and asking us to move the car a policeman turns up knocking on my door and politely asks me to move the car as one of my neighbours needed access to their garage.

I obviously moved the car without any problems and im definately gona have words with my neighbour next time i see them, but does anyone know if the police can enforce the removal or clamping of a car under these circumstances?
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