Can things get any worse for the geordies?

    today its been announced that a possible take over bid for newcastle is a possible hoax

    A press release issued on behalf of a textiles entrepreneur named Rick Parkinson circulated this morning, claiming the Ponteland businessman is leading a five-man consortium which intends to place a £90m bid on the club. Apparently, the prospective owners pledge to sink £30m into restructuring the business and a further £30m into a transfer kitty for Alan Shearer, the man they would install as permanent manager.

    It sounds like a dream scenario for the Toon Army, but the credibility of the bid has been called into question. Seymour Pierce - the investment bankers charged with the gruelling task of selling the club - have not heard from Parkinson, and well-placed sources in the city know nothing of his proposed consortium.

    Parkinson claims his troupe of knights in shining armour will contact the club within the next ten days (although not via the email address on the Newcastle OS - something he calls undignified and without class), but a press release from distributed via an unnamed PR agency to journalists has not inspired confidence in the validity of his plans.

    The Telegraph quotes Parkinson thusly:

    Im a Geordie through-and-through and its been heart-wrenching to see the club, and their long-suffering fans, being put through the Mill (sic) like this.

    This weeks latest developments, with the club trying to sell itself via an e-mail address on the official website, is just the final straw in what has been a wholly embarrassing tenure for Mr Ashley.

    Its time for him to sell-up, and I believe the time is right for me to step forward. Ive been thinking about this with some wealthy friends of mine for quite some time, long before the clubs relegation, but whats happened in the last few weeks has just made us more determined.

    My consortium would consist of five Newcastle supporters, born and bred in the North-East who really love the club, with no hidden agenda or business plan to make any personal profit whatsoever. Our plan would be to give the club back to the supporters. Wed back it with some serious money but, more importantly, wed listen to the fans, who are the best in the country bar none.

    Newcastle is a fantastic club, and potential is such an over-used word these days, but we really shouldnt be in this mess, the supporters simply dont deserve it. We would ask them to come back to us in the Championship next season, and hopefully it would only be for one year, when well be able to reward them with promotion.

    The short-term plan is just to save the club from any more embarrassment and restore some pride, but we also have some ambitious long-term plans to bring European football and trophies back to Tyneside.

    This has been a testing time for everyone, not least the fans, and we have a serious determination to rectify that.

    So, is Rick Parkinson the man to end Mike Ashleys reign of cockney terror, or is this slightly unprofessional-sounding press release the crux of a bizarre prank?


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    and from the makers of sheraers £1 shop comes


    yes could get worst give if they give shearer job no experience


    yes could get worst give if they give shearer job no experience

    You have to start somewhere, Shearer is a man who all the geordie faithful trust and would have the best interest of the club at heart. His Win/Loss record ain't great but neither was the squad he inherited. We've seen too many managers come and go at the club the past decade, Shearer would be given time by everybody I'm sure.
    As for the bid, we'll be sold by the end of the month.
    Thats 3or 4 funny signs from Mackems in the past couple of weeks.


    look at fulham n spurs experinced managers
    portsmouth adams
    sunderland keene
    blackburn ince
    all struggled but they may be back after they served their apprenticeship
    newcastle could do with houllier
    wont play good football but would make you hard to beat
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