Can this machine run RE5?

    Athlon 64 3200+ CPU
    Geforce 7950GT 512MB video card
    ST3750640A 750GB IDE hard drive

    I've been thinking about buying Resident Evil 5 for PC. Will this be a pleasant experience at 1024x768 resolution on this machine?



    Should be ok, just about meets the specs and 1024*768 is really low.

    This means nothing to me but really do know your stuff when it comes to computers! I saw you on another thread last night! x

    my 7 yearold pc runs this ok, 1024 res is nothing, i been playing most of my games at 1280 x 960 the last 7 years on my old pc.
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    Thanks, that's good to hear. Just wanted to confirm with you guys how it would run (in case anyone had any experience), since the requirements mentioned needing a dual core CPU.


    my 7 yearold pc runs this ok, 1024 res is nothing, i been playing at 1280 … my 7 yearold pc runs this ok, 1024 res is nothing, i been playing at 1280 x 960 the last 7 years on my old pc.

    What would the specs of that machine be? I just found out that this monitor (CRT) can go up to 1600x1200. Would that be pushing it?
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    6800gt 1 gig ram very old xp2700cu, needing a dual core cpu makes me laugh, even the very latest games dont use them proper, remember re5 old game anyway, couple of years at least.

    any of the 6800 series can run this game on minimum spec…ed/

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    Yes, I thought so too. So you actually got decent frame rates with that video card and CPU at 1280x960?
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    framerate was low actually, but your gpu and cpu alot better than mine, just try it all on low settings first.

    What about these specs?

    AMD Phenom™ II X4 P940 (1.70GHz, 512kx4)
    8gb DDR3 Ram
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5450 1GB graphics
    Its got a blu ray player so should handle hd well ergo better framerate

    That should run most things

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    if i was you, i would download the free re5 Benchmark Version, to see how well it runs before you buy, get it here…ion

    File Description
    A Resident Evil 5 benchmark to test how well the action horror will run on your PC.
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    Yeah.... except the 5450 is crap so no it won't.

    Cant be THAT bad its running crysis on youtube

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    I got the game and it runs OK for the most part, but sometimes choppy regardless of the image quality settings; it performs about the same on all "low" as all "high". Meaning, most of the time it's about 40+ FPS (regardless of settings), but occasionally (when turning around corners, for example), it drops to below 20, and sometimes even below 10. What could be up here?
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    Shortage of RAM? I haven't tried gaming with 1gb for many years.
    How much do you have left after loading Windows?

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    About 900MB or so according to task manager.

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    I hadn't appreciated quite how low the Athlon 64 3200+ scores on passmark.

    Resi 5 is quite CPU dependent and even a dual core is classed as minimum requirements.
    Even though these games run on lower specification hardware I just wouldn't expect good performance.

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    If I swap it out for the Opteron 146 that I have lying around and overclock, should that help?

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    Would overclocking help...?
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