Can turkey crowns be cooked from frozen

Found 21st Dec 2013
According to instructions on label Aldi turkey crowns can be cooked from frozen
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yes but will take longer and more risk of not cooking through, so better to defrost. 20 min per lb plus 20 mins
It should be fine, you shouldn't cook whole birds from frozen as it takes so long to defrost the middle the outside is often well cooked first, this means you end up with uncooked meat in the middle which can pass on the salmonella if present.

Turkey crown would be no different to any other joint just ensure it is not pink in the middle.
If the label says it can be cooked from frozen, I'm pretty sure that means it can be cooked from frozen...
Only if you take its crown off
You still have a few days left to defrost it
Stick it in the deep fryer.
Hi Poppy, it will be fine. I've cooked whole frozen chickens before, just takes longer. As long as you follow the instructions it will be good. If they actually recommend that you cook it from frozen then you should, as it might have added water in which case it goes a bit weird if you defrost it first.
If you dont mind it dry then yes, wouldn't recommend it though
If it advises cook from frozen then yes.
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