can u get fake shavers?

Found 26th Feb 2008
ive seen some pretty cheap shavers on ebay that nowhere else online can even come close (the philips philshave arcitec ones)

im wondering, there are gazillions of fake stuff on ebay can u actually get fake shavers meaning are these knock offs?

the prices are very cheap and they usually have more than 1, if they arent fake how are they selling them and making a profit!?!?!
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where are they shipping from - Hong Kong / China?

ebay item number?

You can get fake anything. As a rule of thumb, on eBay if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.
If its saleable and battery powereed then Japan or China can produce it...

If you can wait a little while for one then offers always come up around fathers day, buy a sale item with a code from places like boots and you'll grab yourself a bargain!
I got the £60 electric shaver I wanted free with a subsciption to 'Nuts' magazine.
However, this meant that I had 'Nuts' magazine delivered for six months, which wasn't so good.
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